Spending the weekend in a faceless Los Angeles hotel, with a view of a concrete freeway bridge, writing a cat litter commercial, Jack feels he has reached an all-time low. He orders a call girl, whose specialty lies in storytelling.

The call girl, Gabriella, tells a story about a young man named Jake, who takes an extended holiday in Prague, a haven for young expatriates, in search of culture and rejuvenation, where he meets Gabi, filmmaker and dancer. Passionate, mysterious, and enchanting, she instantly falls in love with Jake, her “American dream-man”. They have a whirlwind romance, as they explore the rich, mysterious “Kafka-esque” city.

Through the story, Gabi intuitively begins to help Jake uncover his lost self, by unwrapping the numerous layers of fear, denial and disappointment in which Jake hides.


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